Yoga Vinyasa

Eternal traveller I love to travel. Travel to discover new culture, landscape but also different way of moving/practicing yoga. My trips are always a great source of inspiration for my flow.

I teach different types of flows  : Vinyasa, Strala, Pre and Post-natal, Restorative and HiiT Yoga.

My Yoga flows

A class is divided in 3 parts:

  • Breathing exercise called Pranayama

  • Active and physical practice in Music (Asanas)

  • Final relaxation and meditation to cool down


Practice with Me

Yoga Pre and Post-natal

Yoga is perfect for women before, during and after pregnancy. Trained at the Docteur De Gasquet Institute. I'm working with women during pregnancy and after. Classes are private or semi-private as every women and pregnancy is different let's have a chat about what you are looking for.

Private Classes

You want to deepen your practice or get the chance to learn more about a specific topic (meditation, breath, asanas). I teach private and semi-private class in my Studio (Paris 2ème).

Yoga @t Work

Offer a relaxing break to your employee, a perfect way to get them back to work relaxed, focused and more productive. I could teach in French or in English.

Online Classes

Practice with me everywhere with my online videos on socialivetv. I'm also running weekly live classes check out my Socialivetv. Don't miss a class and Join my Newsletter. To get a special discount on your socialivetv membership use YWT25


HiiT Yoga

 In love with both Yoga and HiiT I followed Sadie Nardini Yoga Shred (level 1)  training. Join my weekly HiiT Yoga Class, every Monday in Paris, booking via Olybe.

Follow my adventure @yogiwhotravel